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If you are an artist looking to spread your music, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll walk you through how to best utilize our platform.

How it Works

We are a streaming music service for independent, undiscovered artists. But more importantly, we are designed specifically for artists to find new fans, and for listeners to find the next big thing. Here’s a quick explainer:

When you are listening to radio, every few songs there are ads. When you are listening to music on FPM, you get ads too. But the ads aren’t commercials, they are each a clip of a song from a new artist. We call them promos.

How do I get Promos? >>

How do I get Promos?

With Points! Points get you to the top of the promo queue, to be sent to the next listener

How do I get points?

With Fans! Round up as many of your fans as you can, and have them Power you. Then when they listen, like, share, comment on any song, you get points!

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First things first, set up your profile! We only require two fields (Name and Genre), but, c’mon, fill stuff in. We would particularly recommend doing 3 genres, as well as location, so the fans we send your music to are more likely to be into it. Also, filling n contact info with your site/social media info is always helpful.

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Next, upload your music. You can upload as many songs as you want, but make sure they are actually your songs, and you either own them or have permission to upload them.

Just like with your profile, we only have a few required fields, but recommend you fill in as much as you can. Particularly, make sure you add lyrics if you want your song to be a part of FPM games.

You can upload your whole catalog, or just a few songs, but your most important song will be your Promo. You get to choose which song users here 20+ seconds of when you get enough points. It is really up to you whether you think those 20 seconds are better spent at the chorus, or just from the beginning of the song.

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If you put your music on FPM and don’t tell anyone about, It will work like any other music platform, and people can discover your music on their own. But we are not any other platform, we are Fan Powered Music! It doesn’t matter if you have 5 fans or 5 thousand, you will reach new people every day with a little help from your friends. So its up to you to promote your FPM music, and make sure your fans sign up and Power you, so that every time they listen to (or like, comment, share) any song, you are getting points!

One more pointer, once you get a promo, your points in the promo queue reset, so you need new points everyday to keep getting new listeners. So make sure you send out occasional reminders!

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